Hi there,

Welcome to my blog! I'm a 24 year old Belgian and once upon a December, I decided to give blogging a go. So here it is: my very own blog! I mainly write about health and beauty, but there are some other bits and bobs too. 

If you read this blog you might notice my dilemma: I love to buy, try and apply make-up and other beauty products, but at the same time I'd like to use as few redundant chemicals on my body as possible.

I also try to stay healthy by eating right and doing sports, but I often suffer from cravings for sugar & salt, and from laziness. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is hard work! Exercising may be especially difficult for me as I have congenital heart disease - you can read about that hereYou can follow my progress in (minimalist) running here, and every now and then I'll post a recipe that may or may not be a healthy one. 

Lastly I should tell you that the title of the blog doesn't only refer to the timing of the start of this blog, but that it is also the title of a song from the film Anastasia, which I absolutely love!