Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The 30 day challenges.

A bit of ab training won't hurt as summer is coming up. In the past I've tried doing ab exercises, but I always simply forget to do them and then gave up in less than a week. And yesterday I say this picture passing by on Facebook:

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Home-made iced tea.

Frizzy drinks aren't exactly healthy, but I like to have something other than water at least once a day. To have a better option I've been making my own iced tea lately. It's a great refreshment after going for a jog, and less-sugar laden than soft drinks are. Here's how I make mine.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Rita Ora for Rimmel London: pillow talk.

Since rediscovering a pastel green polish a little while ago, I've been wanting a pastel blue one too. So when I saw the Rita Ora for Rimmel nail polishes pass by on the internet, it was the shade pillow talk that caught my eye. I decided to pick up and here's a review.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Easy Peasy Recipe: pesto.

I've been wanting to try and make pesto instead of buying a jar for a while. So when M. mentioned making pesto of his own whilst we were jogging, I figured I should definitely give it a try. Since I already had fresh basil from making spinach lasagne, I just got the other ingredients and gave it a go.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Outfit: the tea dress.

Adorable. That's the best word I can find for this dress. It's cute and a bit dressy, but not too dressy. I like to wear it with red shoes, bracelets, earrings and if it weren't for it being Easter when these photos were taken I'd have painted my nails red too. 
Instead I opted for the chick nail art of course.
Dress, tights, and midi rings - Primark
Bracelets - unknown
Ring - New Look
Shoes - Avance


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Favourite fake tan: St. Moritz Mousse.

It's this time of the year again in which we transition from trousers and tights to shorts, skirts and bare legs. I like to apply a fake tan to my legs as not to blind anyone with their light-reflecting properties. Okay, it's not that bad, but you get the idea.
My favourite fake tan is is St. Moritz Mousse in medium and I decided to show its effect by tanning one leg and keeping the other as a control so you can see the difference in the same lighting conditions.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Henna hair: results.

So after going through the hassle of henna-dying and waiting for my hair to dry up already, I was eager to see the results. Before showing all the photos you should know that your hair will smell a bit like henna for a while. The scent was less strong this time than it was the first time - when I used double the amount of henna. And I assume the scent will disappear faster if you wash your hair more frequently. Now let's move on to the photos.