Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter nails: a chick and polka dots.

When A. and I were painting our nails together, we were looking at some colour combinations. But when I pointed out that my yellow varnish was very Easter like, she said that I could paint eyes an a beak on it so it looks like a chick. And so I did!

You will need four colours: yellow, black, coral and white. I used Bye Bye Birdy! by Catrice cosmetics. For lack of a black varnish I used a deep purple one by Classics. The coral one is by Catrice too: it's Coral Pink from a limited edition called nude sensation. The white is part of a French manicure set by Biocura.
Start with two coats of yellow.

Then take your dotting tool and dot two eyes with the bigger side.
Then take a coral shade and draw the beak with the small end of the dotting tool. Be sure to draw it rather close to the eyes.
Wipe off the purple from the tool and use the big side again to dot the paws on: simply put two dots next to each other on each side.
Lastly bring the chick to life by adding small white dots in the eyes.
I had to correct my chick's eye a bit, and then it looked like this.
As my left hand was far to shaky to make a chick on my right hand, I went for white polka dots.
I associate yellow and chicks with Easter decorations, but I find it's suitable for spring in general!

Anyhow, I hope you like this tutorial!