Friday, 11 April 2014

Marvellous music: Alan Menken for Disney.

I'm a sucker for Disney films and one of my favourites is Beauty and the Beast. A long time ago someone pointed out to me that the music in the film was really good. So the next time I watched the film, I tried to pay attention to the music rather than sing along with the songs in my mind. Not just when the characters are singing, but also when there's background music during a conversation or during the battle in the castle - "battle on the tower" on the CD that is. And he was right, the music is absolutely beautiful!

Much later, when I was listening to the music from Tangled last spring, I could recognise the same style. So I did an internet search and found out I was right: the music of the two films was written by the same composer. It's written by Alan Menken, and clearly I'm not the only one who loves his music: he's received loads of awards! He has written music for Disney, but also for other films, musicals and for television.

But Disney is what I know him for and so here are a few of his Disney songs I found on YouTube: