Sunday, 27 April 2014

Natural skincare: cleansing.

I have never had great skin, and unfortunately I still don't. But all the cleansers, creams and toners that I've tried in the past didn't make any difference for my skin. I still use a few products such as a day cream with spf, a scrub and a serum when I need them. But for the purpose of cleansing my skin I use three natural 'products' now.

Plain old tap water is what I use to cleanse my skin every single morning. I wet a washing cloth and wash my face with it Simple as that! I also use it after using the next 'products'.

On days that I use make up, I need something more than water to remove it in the evening. The first step in doing so is to massage oil onto my face. Then I take the oil off again with a washing cloth and water. I've used olive oil for a while, but when my bottle ran empty I figured I had some almond oil sitting in a cupboard. So I mixed a few oils ttogether to use instead.
So I mixed coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil in a travel pump bottle. I wanted to add a few drops of some kind of essential oil for scent (I find the scent of olive oil isn't the best for a face cleanser.) I chose rosemary because it's good for fighting blemishes. I find it takes of make up very easily, but no better than olive oil does. In any case I find it smells better!
Another way I use this is to massage it onto my skin before showering. I let it sit for a bit whilst washing my hair and then wash it off with water. Afterwards my skin feels clean, soft and nourished! If you use an oil on your face, be careful around the eye area as it's uncomfortable when it gets into your eyes.

Rose water.
After taking off the oil I put a bit of rose water on a cotton pad and use that as a toner. It takes off any oil and make up that is left on my skin. When that's done I prefer to splash some more water on my face to rinse off the rose water too. On the occasional very oily skin day, I may use this on its own as well to take off some of the excess oil.
The bottle I have is not pure rosewater, as it has extra linalool, cotronellol, gernaniol and eugenol added. I'm not sure why they are in there. Even though these are components that naturally occur in rose water, I'll try and find pure rose water the next time around.

And that is how I currently cleanse my face!