Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easy Peasy Recipe: avocado mash up.

I've been having avocado a few times lately. Then my sister gave me a tip to make it a bit more substantial. Whilst it isn't the most attractive looking, it makes for a good lunch!

You will need:
an avocado
an hard-boiled egg
turmeric powder
sea salt
black pepper
How to make:
Super simple: mash the egg and avocado together and season with sea salt, black pepper and turmeric powder!
Now this doesn't look tasty at all. I don't mind if I'll eat it myself. But you can make it a bit more presentable if you're serving it to someone else. 
You can put it on a clean plate and add some decorative pepper. I didn't have a cookie cutter at my disposal, but I'm sure you could use one to shape it nicely.

This has been a good way to use up the abundance of Easter eggs!