Saturday, 11 July 2015

Five pressed powders.

As summer arrived, my face has gotten a bit more shiny too. I usually don't wear foundation, but a bit of powder is often a good idea. So I'd like to show you the pressed powders I've got before using them any further!
The one that's dark enough to be a bronzer.
I've had this Catrice multi colour compact powder (010 Rose Beige) for the longest and as you can see it looks bad! The lid broke off and the print has worn off. It's a mattifying powder and it does the job well. The issue is the colour: far too dark for my skin. At the time I bought it, this was the lightest shade in Catrice's range. Luckily they produced lighter shades soon after that. I don't use it on my whole face any more, but it makes a good subtle bronzer now! It's €4.59 and contains 8g.

The matte ones.
I discovered the joy of suiting shades in the UK. I'd used up one of the Natural Collection pressed powders and got this 'new' one in London last summer. It gives a tiny bit of coverage and mattifies the skin. I tend to use a lot of powder, so it looks a bit powdery upon application, but that wears off after an hour or so. You get 10 grams of powder for £1.99.
This Inglot powder is a bit yellow, but that doesn't show on up on my face. It does the same thing as the natural collection one does. Of all the powders, this one has the best packaging by far! It looks chique, it's sturdy and flat, and it has a mirror inside.

I tried these two side by side and they look the same on my skin. The difference in colour is not noticeable, but they both look better than a pure white powder. There's 5 grams of powder in the pot but I don't know the exact price of this. I think it was about €6 or €7 in Poland, but Inglot products are double the price here.

The glowy ones.
Since the hourglass ambient lighting powders had become so popular, I'd been looking for a powder that wasn't completely matte and that was less powdery. I wanted to try the MUA pro base powder, but it wasn't available here. Then I stumbled upon the Essence pure nude powder (10 Ivory). It's a baked powder with a swirly pattern. It's quite dense, meaning you don't get much product on your brush and you have to make a bit more effort to get enough powder onto your face. This gets a bit better once you're through the top surface. It's €3.59 and contains 7 grams of product.
A few weeks back, I saw that the MUA pro base powder had made it's way into the Belgian drugstores too! I couldn't resist giving it at try. The four colours are meant to be used for colour correcting. I like how they look in the pan, but I just mix them together. Unlike the Essence powder, a lot of product comes off when you swipe your brush across the surface. This powder was €6,49 and you get 4g.

Side by side, I can't tell the difference between these one they're applied, it just took a bit more time and effort to apply the essence one. I do use the MUA powder more often for it's ease of use!
Here are swatches of all five products. It looks as though the Natural Collection powder doesn't have any payoff, but in reality it does. It's barely visible since the colour is close to my skintone.
Well I like all of these and I'm sure I won't be needing to get another pressed powder any time soon! I've been using them loads since it's been so hot, so I do get a lot of use out of them!