Friday, 24 July 2015

Summer make up.

Exactly one month ago I tweeted I'd gone to the drugstore and got a few new goodies. I've written about a couple of them already, but I thought I'd show you them, tell you what I think, and tell you how I've been doing my make up this summer. 

The products I picked that day are the pro base powder, the blush brush, and the color drama lip pencil. I got the baby lips lipbalm for free!

For day to day make up, I start of with applying powder all over my face with a kabuki brush. It makes it look a tad bit more even and takes away the excess shine. I've written about the pro base powder before, and I do like it! In that same blogpost I wrote about a powder dark enough to be a bronzer. My next step is to use that for contouring. I never liked contouring at all, and I think most people overdo it. But this powder is lighter than most bronzers so it still looks natural. I hope.

Then I apply some blush on the apples of my cheeks. I've been using a bright, matt pink one from Beauty UK. I apply both the "bronzer" and blush with a small powder brush. This slanted blush brush that I got, is quite bend-y, which is why I don't actually like it for blush. It is great for hightlighter, which is what I use next. My favourite is the Topshop Crescent moon hightlighter!
Then I put some mascara on my lashes. I'm still using the Essence lash princess volume one. Lastly I apply something on my lips. The colour drama pencil is a very natural-looking option. It does have glitter in it (Why, Maybelline, WHY?), but luckily it doesn't show that much.
This lipbalm I got isn't my favourite. I used to enjoy the cherry version of this, so it could be nice. Unfortunately, the colour of this doesn't suit me at all!

That's what I've been wearing mostly this summer! What are your summer make up favourites?