Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The 7 most read posts of 2014!

The year has nearly come to an end, so it's a good time to have quick look into the past. Here they are: the 7 most read posts of 2014!
For some reason the most popular post of this blog is an exercise update that I wrote back in September. Seems like running was going well back then!
Second in line is a very recent post on the perfect lipstick for Christmas: Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in shade 107. Luckily it can be worn on other days than Christmas too!

The following two are both review articles: one on PerBlan Toothpowder and another on a ghassoul clay mask. Both are good products!

The fifth article is one which I find quite important: Two Brazil nuts a day keep the doctor away. I should be sure to follow my own advice in this case!

Spot number six is taken by my post on fighting acne. So to anyone whom suffers from acne: you are definitely not alone!

Last but not least: on the seventh spot is a DIY on ombre shoes! This was a very fun one to do and I did get a good amount of compliments on those shoes!

I hope everyone will have a good one tonight! See you in 2015,