Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year's resolutions.

Last year I wrote down my resolutions. I only made two of them, but I think it's better not to make too many and stick to those than to make dozens and not stick to them. Let's see what's become of last year's resolutions and make some new ones!

Last year

Last year, I told myself "not to burn my hand so damn often". Well that went surprisingly well. I cannot recall the last time I burnt my hand - touch wood! Secondly I intended "to persevere with jogging". Back then I was in week four of the start to run programme and could run nowhere near 5k yet! So that has gone well too: I finished the programme and have kept up with running, even it it was with loads of ups and downs!

This year
This year, I'll go with two resolutions again. The first is an extension of last year's second: keep on running. It's a chore for me and it's easy to get lazy, but it's better for my health so therefore I must keep it up! Also, I want to complete the transition to my minimalist shoes and intend to transition to barefoot running in spring.

My second resolution is to not buy books for a while. I have the bad 'habit' of buying new books before finishing -or even starting- the ones that I already have, ensuring that my to-read stack is ever-growing rather than decreasing! So let's put a stop to the influx! I have no set limit for how many books to read before buying any more though.

What are your New Year's resolutions?
Good luck with them and happy New Year!