Friday, 30 January 2015

Easy peasy recipe: buckwheat crepes.

It's been a long time since I posted an easy peasy recipe as I've been eating the same foods quite a lot, and dinner is usually either not inspirational at all or not easy enough to qualify for an easy peasy recipe. But lately I've been making dairy-free buckwheat crepes every now and then, so it's high time to share that recipe! As buckwheat contains no gluten, these crepes are also gluten-free.
You will need
1 cup of buckwheat flower
1&1/2 cup of almond milk
Butter or coconut oil
1 medium sized egg
A pinch of salt

How to make
Put a frying pan on the stove top on a high heat. Whilst this is preheating, mix the buckwheat flower, almond milk, egg, and salt in a mixing bowl. Make sure it's all well blended! Wait for the frying pan to be very hot and then melt a bit of butter or coconut oil in it. Stir your batter once more and pour some in the frying pan and spread it by tilting the frying pan to different directions. It's a bit of trial and error, but try to get your frying pan covered with a thin layer of batter.
If your pan is hot enough, little holes will form in the crepe now. Wait for the top of your crepe to turn from glossy to matt and then use a spatula to make sure it won't stick to the frying pan. Keep an eye on it and flip it over once the underside is nice and golden brown. Wait for the other side to achieve the same colour and transfer onto a plate! For the following crepes, I recommend adding a bit of butter or oil to the pan and stirring the batter again before pouring some in the pan.
This recipe was enough for me to make three to four crepes. If you're more into thick pancakes, use only 1 cup of almond milk. Either way, they taste best with sirop de Liège! I might have gone overboard with the syrup there, but it was good!

Bon apétit!