Friday, 21 February 2014

Green clay mask: attempt number two.

A little while ago I wrote about the green clay powder that I'd bought and how I mad a face mask with it. That first attempt hadn't worked out well, but my second one did! I first did this with a friend and it worked great for the both of us. The photos are from the second time that I did the same thing by myself.
Here's the 'recipe':

You only need two ingredients: coconut oil and green clay!
First put a bit of coconut oil in a glass and let this melt. Then add the green clay and blend the two ingredients together. Remember not to use metal with the clay!
This tiny amount was more than plenty! At first it feels a bit tingly on my blemishes, but this sensation disappears quickly. I let it sit for half an hour after which the mask looks as though it has separated a bit. Since it's mixed with and oil instead of water, it won't dry up and crumble. You can simply take it off with a wash cloth and warm water. 
right after application - thirty minutes later - before - after washing it off
My skin felt very clean: it was less oily than before application, but not dry at all. It's as though it cleanses and nourishes my skin at the same time! It didn't work instant wonders for the blemishes I had, but my forehead and nose looked very smooth and I suspect it may be a good way to prevent new blemishes.
Lastly a note on the scent: this face mask has got a very peculiar fragrance. I cannot possibly describe what it smells like, but I can imagine some people wouldn't like it. I don't mind  it and once the mask is applied, your nose will be saturated with the scent and you won't smell it any more.

I'll definitely do this mask again! (and again and again...)