Sunday, 18 January 2015

Journey to minimalist running: 3 to 4k.

Lately, I've been very motivated for going for runs and I enjoy them more - or in all honesty dread them less - than I did before. Doing three runs per week means I can increase the distance with 600m every week! I've worked my way up to 4 - FOUR!- k in my minimal shoes already! In anther week and a half I'll have reached my goal of running 5k in them, but first let us take a look at how the journey from 3 to 4k has been.

Since the 3k run wasn't a great one, I was relieved that things went a lot better during the 3.2k one!

Two days later, on the tenth, I'd been out shopping with friends, and we'd eaten lunch out together. As I had chips and a burger, my run later that day did not go well! My stomach was aching and it was such a bad idea to go running that day! I don't regret the burger though, the burger was amazing!

At this point it seemed like good and bad runs were alternating: the 3.6k one was awesome! I was relaxed, felt great, ran at a slightly faster pace than last one, my calves did not seem to get tired and the best of all: my tension headache cleared up! Stamina wise, I had ups and downs, but that's okay.

The 3.8 run was okay, it felt a bit slow and my legs felt rather heavy. In reality, it was not actually that slow (for my standards) though!

Yesterday, I did a 4k run. I'd been looking forward to this milestone (kilometrestone is not a word, is it?). I started out slow so I wouldn't be worn out too soon and the first three kilometres weren't great: the landing of my feet often felt off. But then, I suddenly felt re-energised! My landings felt good again, and I ran a bit faster than I had been for most of the run. It was as if suddenly got the hang of it again!

Also I found out how nice it is to take a hot bath after a run; it's so relaxing! And that has inspired me to try DIY bathmelts soon.

Five more runs and I'll be back at my target distance! Can not wait!