Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Fighting acne.

Ever since puberty kicked in, I've been having acne. As I got older it has cleared up somewhat, but it has never completely disappeared. In the past year or so it has gotten better! So here's some advise on how you can fight acne!

Inspect your diet.
My skin has changed quite a bit since I changed my diet. I eat more fruit and vegetables, but I suspect that consuming less dairy and wheat has helped me most. You can try and replace the milk you consume with non-dairy alternatives and see if it makes a difference. A few alternatives are almond milk, rice milk, or oatmilk. I've replaced almost all of the milk I consume with almond milk and and I barely ever eat yoghurt any more. As for wheat, I've cut out all cereal and most of the bread I eat. Also I don't eat as much pasta as I used to. If I want something sandwich like, I'll have rice cakes. Lastly I also eat more healthy fats since I added chia seed, hemp seed, avocados and more nuts to my diet.

Wash your pillowcase more often.
When I get more blemishes on my cheeks or temples, I give my pillowcase an extra wash. This keeps my skin from getting re-infected by its own bacteria. Your head rests on your pillow for say about six to eight hours on average every single day, so it's worth a shot!

Clear out your bathroom shelve.
If you use loads of products on your face, it's worth checking if any of them may cause your blemishes. You can water wash your face for a while and then test your products one by one. If any of them breaks you out, stop using it altogether. Also don't use harsh cleansers on your skin. It will dry it out and then your poor skin will try and set it straight by producing more sebum.

Even now, my skin has ups and downs (thank you hormones...), but I'm quite happy for overall it is better than it has been in years!