Monday, 30 June 2014

The make-up find: €2.99 Calvin Klein make-up.

A little while ago, A. and I went out for some ice-cream. When our sweet treats were all gone, we went to stroll about in the town's centre. Whilst browsing through Blokker, we made an awesome discovery: Calvin Klein make-up, for €2.99 per item!
We figured it had to be genuine Calvin Klein make up since fake item are forbidden so a chain store wouldn't risk selling them. Turns out we were right! The make up is genuine, but it's cheap because it's an old collection. In any case, the products look beautiful in those little pots!


The make up comes in round pots which look cute and are easy to stack. The lids in the same colour as the contents, so it's easy to distinguish between them. In the back it says the names. The pots are also sealed, or at least most are. I made sure to buy ones that were! The lip gloss is 3.1g and the eyeshadows contain 2.5g each.

Lip gloss
I chose for shades of pink, which is obviously pink! It is very sheer and adds only a wash of colour and some shine to the lips. The formula is very nice: it feels like a balm!

Sheer crème eyeshadow

I went for highlighting colours and picked snakeskin silver and bare silk. Snakeskin silver looks like a champagne colour, but once applied it's far more silvery due to the silver shimmer. Bare silk is an off-white.

As said before the lip gloss is very sheer. The eyeshadows are more pigmented, but they have different textures: snakeskin silver is thicker than bare silk is. Both need a powder on top to keep them from creasing.

Overall I'm happy with these purchases!