Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Adventure fund jar DIY.

I got inspired by Carl and Ellie and wanted to make an adventure fund jar of my own. I'd been looking to buy a jar for making this, but couldn't find one that I thought to be ideal. On Saturday I was browsing around my stuff in the attic and there it was: the perfect jar!
The next day I gave it a good wash and got started!

My jar used to contain soluble coffee and I'd used it to keep ground coffee in as well. It's a good size and best of all: I didn't have to spend any cash on something I want to use to save money in! (Or is it just me who finds that a bit ironic?)
Anyhow, I used an artline waterproof marker for colouring. First I coloured the upper part of the jar and then the bottom. The black bottom won't be visible once there's some money in the jar though. To balance out the black top, I drew a narrow line near the bottom of as well. It turned out quite wobbly, but oh well.
If you have good drawing skills you could write or draw freehand. But the easy way out is to print the text you want to write. Then and cut the paper to fit and put that in the jar to use ad as a stencil.
All you have to do is trace the lines and let the ink dry up.
That's when the saving-up starts: remove the stencil and add money!

I'm saving up for pocket money to take on a trip to England this summer and I have a lovely new decorative piece!

What are you saving up for?