Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Festive glitter: Inglot Sparkling Dust.

What happens when you ask your parents to bring you a liquid highlighter? Right, they bring loose glitter. I barely ever use it, but for the holidays an exception is in order!
So what did they bring along exactly? It's Inglot's Sparkling Dust: a golden glitter powder. It's packaged in a black cardboard box: very sleek!
Ingredients are printed on the backside.

The tub itself looks very slick too with its shiny black screw top and little powder puff!

So on to the sparkling dust! The shade is 02, which is a golden glitter powder, but it's not too yellow!

Swatched on my hand it looks like this:
On the cheekbones it looks like a glittery highlighter. Since it's a loose powder, fallout is likely to happen!

I've been wearing this over top my eyeshadow and on my cheekbones on Christmas day, and plan to do the same on New Year's Eve!