Friday, 2 May 2014

Henna hair: results.

So after going through the hassle of henna-dying and waiting for my hair to dry up already, I was eager to see the results. Before showing all the photos you should know that your hair will smell a bit like henna for a while. The scent was less strong this time than it was the first time - when I used double the amount of henna. And I assume the scent will disappear faster if you wash your hair more frequently. Now let's move on to the photos.

Before and after.
My hair is naturally a medium ashy brown, very cool-toned as you can see at the roots. Also I am unfortunate enough to have some grey hairs at young age... After hennaing, it looks  much more orange and the greys are harder to spot! They are now a sparkly orange.
Before - two weeks later
One day after dying.
I've read everywhere that henna is permanent, and it is in the sense that it won't disappear completely from your hair. Perhaps it depends on how you mix it, but for the first few weeks after hennaing, shampoo will be orange and take some of the colour off, and it does fade considerably over time. As you can see in the photo below, a warm hue is left on my hair. I personally like that it fades this much, because it makes the roots less visible when the hair grows out. The lighter your hair, the more noticeable the difference will be though.
About five months after first henna application.
Most of the photos below were taken at about the same time in the day, but lighting is different due to differences in cloudiness. The colour looks pretty dark in direct sunlight, and the second one is actually misleading because there wasn't much daylight left when this was taken, so my camera compensated for this. In real life there's actually not that much of a difference in colour between these photos, but as you can see the colour you see depends greatly on the lighting.
Before, after on the same day, day one to five, day seven and fourteen. 
I hope this series was informative!