Sunday, 4 May 2014

Favourite fake tan: St. Moritz Mousse.

It's this time of the year again in which we transition from trousers and tights to shorts, skirts and bare legs. I like to apply a fake tan to my legs as not to blind anyone with their light-reflecting properties. Okay, it's not that bad, but you get the idea.
My favourite fake tan is is St. Moritz Mousse in medium and I decided to show its effect by tanning one leg and keeping the other as a control so you can see the difference in the same lighting conditions.

These photos were taken in the evening. On the left are my legs with nothing on them, on the right hand side I applied the mousse to my right leg only. I applied about three pumps of mousse with a tanning mitt. There's a subtle difference in colour because the mousse is coloured. This helps in applying the product evenly. I waited a minute or so for it to dry and then put on a black loose pair of track suit bottoms for the rest of the evening.
The next morning the tan had developed and there's a more obvious difference in colour here. The picture on the left hand side is before my shower and the one on the right is after. A bit of colour has come off, and a nice tan is left!
I have only tried a few fake tans, three to be exact, and as I said this is my favourite. It applies easily, it doesn't smell bad, it dries quickly but most importantly: it does not make you look orange! I think that's because there's blue or green pigment in there.
I got my bottle at Wilkinson's for a mere £3 and I'm very happy with it!