Thursday, 21 August 2014

London purchases part one: Boots.

A little while ago, I was in London. I'd saved up some cash to spend in my Adventure fund jar and naturally I visited a few shops. You'll be shown the things I purchased in this and the next few posts. Of course I went into Boots and picked up a few goodies. I got some affordable products that you cannot or not easily get your hands on here in Belgium.

Revlon: 2 for £10
Revlon is a brand that is much harder to get hold of in Belgium than in the UK, so I picked up two lip products to try out. First I picked the colorburst lip butter in the shade 063 Wild Watermelon. I've been wearing this almost every day in the next week! It is a red, but not a true red shade. It feels nice on the lips and is very wearable.

The other product is a colorburst matte balm. After watching +miss budget beauty's video on the matte balm range, I decided to go for the shade unapologetic, which is very bright indeed! The colour lies somewhere between coral and pink. It applies very smoothly and has a slight minty scent to it. It takes some precision to apply this, because you'd see any mistake with a colour this bright! I haven't gotten as much wear out of this yet. Well you can't wear two lipsticks at the same time now, can you?
Natural Collection: 3 for £5
I wanted to get a back up for my lash definition mascara and I wanted to repurchase one of their pressed powders. But since Natural Collection is on this permanent 3 for £5 deal, I chose an additional product: their loose powder. The mascara is amazing as it looks very natural, with no sign of clumps whatsoever.
I've used up one of these pressed powders in the past, so was sure I'd like it. It is just a basic powder, but the shade suits my skin tone, so it won't make me look orange or ghost-like as some powders do. I wear it over top of a foundation or bb cream or apply it straight on my skin to keep shine at bay and have been using this on a daily basis as well.

The loose powder is unopened thus far, but I got it to see if there's a difference between pressed and loose powder. The shades are called 'Neutral' and powders is 'Neutral translucent'.
So I feel like I got a good deal on these products and I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of them!