Monday, 25 August 2014

London purchases part two: Biscuits.

What to bring home from England for a family that never drinks tea? Biscuits! So I went to Marks and Spencer to get some shortbread - which is more of a Scottish thing though - and left with a few more biscuits than planned.

The packaging got jammed during the journey home, but here they are anyway:
So I got shortbread, custard creams, rosemary biscuits and pineapple, coconut & white chocolate cookies.

I expected the shortbread to be soft, but it is hard an crumbly. They remind me of the type of biscuits that we call 'sand biscuits' and they are lovely! I'd like to try and bake this at home.

Custard Creams

I love custard creams! They are sweet and vanillary and perfect for dunking in coffee! Personally I cannot eat just one or two, but end up eating at least six in one sitting.

Rosemary biscuits

The rosemary biscuits have a rather subtle taste. They are okay on their own, but it is suggested on the box that you eat them with soft goats' cheese which is of course my cup of tea! I don't have any at the minute unfortunately, so I tried some cheddar as a topping, and that is a good combo! They make a nice savoury snack.

Pineapple, coconut & white chocolate cookies
Lastly, I got the pineapple, coconut & white chocolate cookies. The first thing you notice is the scent: they smell like pineapple more than anything else. The cookie itself is nice and crunchy, but the bits of pineapple that are in it are chewy. I didn't like these cookies at first, but now I quite like the taste. I still don't like the chewy bits though.

And that is it! If you have any suggestions of which biscuits are the best to get, please do share!