Thursday, 28 August 2014

London purchases part three: Victoria's Secret.

I couldn't not go there, right? It was a bit tricky to find New Bond Street. The map in Oxford Street said  it was the next street on the left, but it was not. Anyhow, after a bit of wandering around I managed to find New Bond street and the Victoria's Secret store. The store is beautiful, but quite busy. Even though they're famous for their lingerie, I went there to get a couple of fragrance mists.
Mission accomplished!

I sniffed every scent in this range and yet I ended up with three bottles with a reddish colour. They look nice with the golden and floral detailing! They were £24 for 3 and each bottle contains 250 ml, which should last you for ages!

Pure Seduction
First off, I got Pure seduction. It says to smell of red plum and freesia. At first it smells absolutely marvellous, however, as the scents sits for a bit it changes and personally I don't like the way it smells at this stage. Later in the day though, I had another sniff and the scent was okay. Fortunately, I had more luck with the other two mists!

Sensual Blush
Next I got Sensual Blush, which says pink lotus and sultry woods on the bottle. It doesn't have that amazingness at first sniff that pure seduction does, but it is very nice and remains so throughout the day! It has a warmth to it that suits its name. This is my favourite of the three!

Pure Daydream
Lastly I picked Pure Daydream, and it says to smells of pearl orchid and pink currant. I find it hard to describe, but I'd say it has some warmth to it too. Even though Sensual Blush is my favourite, this one comes very close.

I like these kind of body sprays best in on hot days. They are great for refreshing after a shower or throughout the day. But as these are new I've been wearing them all the time, even though it has been very cold!

The scents aren't too strong which is nice if you get perfume-induced headaches easily. (Does anyone else get these?) They do linger quite a while though.