Saturday, 28 February 2015

A coffee addict's tea picks.

Are you a tea person or a coffee person? I can safely say I'm on team coffee! I drink it every day and sometimes I have more than I should. Recently however, I've been drinking more and more tea. I was stressed out and cut back on the caffeine to make sure my body wouldn't go into overdrive. So today I present you with my favourite teas, including the one that made choose for tea more often. By tea, I mean both actual tea infusions as well as herbal infusions that don't contain the tea plant.
Tea bags
we've got quite a few types of tea bags at home, but the box in the background contains the ones that I bought for myself. I have two favourites. One is the snore & peace infusion by clipper. I got it last summer when I was in London. There's only a few,more bags left in my tea box, so I'm reluctant to use them as I don't want to run out of it!
The other is my favourite tea at the moment: yogi tea lime mint. The base of this is liquorice, which means the tea is sweet. Of course there's also lime and mint in there, but there's also turmeric and a few other spices on the ingredient list. It tastes unlike any tea I'd tried before, so good! This is the one that makes me change teams more often!
Every sachet of yogi tea has a nice message attached  to it as well, very cute!

loose leaf teas
As for actual tea, I like white and green tea, but cannot stand black tea!  I've got this white tea, which is very light. I got it from a shop in Leuven, but don't know what the brand is.
In that same shop I got a forest fruit tea. It smells like sweets! There's more smell to it than there is taste, but it is a nice tea!
Lastly, there's the fortnum & mason moroccan mint tea.  It's actually a mint flavoured green tea. I often end up using too much of this because the leafs are rolled up, but it smells and tastes lovely!
Also props for the beautiful tin!

Well, I'll go and pop on the kettle now!

What's your favourite tea?