Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Easy peasy recipe: the best porridge I've ever had.

One day I was hungry and decided to make some porridge. I added some extras to make it more interesting and less carb-heavy. Now it's my new favourite breakfast! Here's the recipe!
You will need
Almond milk
Coconut oil
Mixed nuts
Rolled oats
Chia seeds
How to make
place two to three heaped tablespoons of oats in a bowl and add almond milk. Add enough to cover the oats and then some more.
Microwave this for a minute, stir and repeat. The porridge will still be runny at this point. Add a teaspoon of chia seeds and mix well. This needs to sit for a bit, so you can go on and chop a handful of nuts in the meantime.
Now the good stuff comes in! Add a teaspoon of coconut oil and mix it in so it melts. I originally tried this because I didn't want a meal that was all carbs. I'm glad I tried it because the oil makes the porridge nice and creamy, and if you have the type that smells and tasted like coconut, which I highly recommend, it adds a sweet flavour too!
Lastly, mix in the nuts! These add a crunchy texture as well as many nutrients. They're also great because they give you something to chew on, and chewing is an important part of digestion!