Tuesday, 4 August 2015

An exercise update.

It's been months since my last exercise update already! In the last update I'd just managed to transition from shod running to barefoot running. Here's how things have been since then!

Shod or barefoot?
Well I've been running both barefoot and in shoes. I prefer going barefoot, but sometimes we go to a wood chip track, which is too rough for my bare feet! So when we go there, or when I run in the street, I wear my minimalist shoes. I've gotten so used to going barefoot that my feet get too hot in shoes, so after a run I take my shoes off and do a tiny bit of barefoot running in the grass to help them cool down again.

My goal is to keep up my ability to run 5k. To some people that doesn't sound like much, but keep in mind my heartbeat goes up much faster than most people's! Sometimes I run less, especially when it's hot and moist outside or right before that time of the month. At the start of summer, I ran very slowly: it took me about 43 minutes to run 5k, but now I've ran my average of around 38 minutes several times. But on Sunday I had an amazing moment: I improved my PB by 47 seconds! And I did it barefoot!

I've also been doing yoga since spring. It's been great to bring my mind to peace, but I like how my body gets stretched too! Especially in the back, neck, and shoulders!