Friday, 18 July 2014

Easy Peasy Recipe: Raw Italian sweet pepper.

Does anyone like raw peppers? I never thought I'd voluntarily eat that, but when I tried raw Italian sweet pepper, I was pleasantly surprised! Then I tried adding some extras to it, and I've been making this for lunch a few times lately.

It's so simple, I'm not even sure it's worthy of the name 'recipe'.

You will need
An Italian sweet pepper
Hemp seed
Mixed nuts
Soft Goats' cheese

How to make
Wash the pepper, slice it open on one side and remove the seeds. Now you can add in all the rest. Start with a touch of honey and then spread a layer of goats' cheese all over the inside. Lastly sprinkle a teaspoon of hemp seed on one side and add a handful of nuts.
Easy, right?! The pepper makes it very crunchy, and the rest of the ingredients make it more yummy. I assume you could take it with you if you can keep it cool. It's quite nutritious too, for there's loads of vitamin C and some fibre in the Italian sweet pepper, the hemp seed and nuts add healthy fats and a range of minerals. The goat's cheese has some vitamin A and some protein

Eet smakelijk!