Sunday, 27 September 2015

A couple new home bits.

I've been doing a bit of homewear shopping and decorating lately, so I thought I'd show you my favourite new items!

Firstly, I got an aloe vera plant. I like the look of it and it should be easy to take care of! The pot is from Ikea. It was silver coloured, but as I wanted to go with a bronze theme I spraypainted it. Doing so was the easiest DIY project ever: easy and effective!

I got this decorative lantern from Blokker. I like the shape and it fits into the bronze theme. The scented candle on the right hand side doesn't, but as it turns out I had a couple more silver coloured items already (like my bin and some picture frames) so I ended up with a bronze and silver theme. The candle is from HEMA. I liked the style of the sticker.

So from that same line, I got the hand soap. The brown bottle looks nice against the clean white walls and the scent is nice and warm.

I'm still looking out for a bronze basket to put my products in in the bathroom, just so it looks a bit more tidy!