Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Year's resolutions.

It's that time of the year where people make resolutions again. In the past two years I made a few. One was not burning my hand so often. I managed to not burn it often, but ironically I did it again earlier today! I wanted to stir my food in the oven and it was too late before I even knew it! Another one was to persevere with running. I haven't done too much of that in the past few months, but I am getting back on track again and I ran 4.5k again on New Year's day! I'll be glad when spring comes around so I can go barefoot again, I just enjoy running barefoot so much more! Lastly I wanted to stop buying books for a while since I had many unread books in my collection. I would say I succeeded at that for about three quarters of the year and then I went to a book festival and I'm in the same situation I was a year before now!

I intended not to make any resolutions this year, because I tend to put too much pressure on myself regarding many things in life. Re-reading these resolutions of the past two years puts me in two minds about that. So I won't be making any new resolutions (certainly not in terms of bigger life goals that I don't write about here) but keeping up with these three I made in previous years won't hurt, and they are things I think I would try without making a resolution out of them anyway.

So in short, I'll just stick to those for now and see what life will be like as it goes on. Que sera, sera ;)
What are your resolutions for 2016?

Good luck with them and happy New Year!