Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Christmas present.

On the day before Christmas eve I was still working on a present for my mum.
As a part of the present, I'll be giving her a DIY foot scrub which I saw the recipe of on +essiebutton's youtube channel. To make the jar a bit more interesting, I decided to make a faux-parchment label for it. 
To make the paper look like parchment, I took a crisp white sheet of paper and dipped it in some coffee. Then I added more coffee by sprinkling it on with my fingers. Whilst I was sprinkling away, my dad suggested I held the paper above a candle to achieve the parchment effect. So I lit a candle and made a few brown blots. As I felt like the paper could catch fire every second, I decided to quit and cool the whole thing down again with a few more drops of coffee.
The paper was all dry yesterday morning and I finished the jar: I wrote on the parchment with a calligraphy pen and black ink. Then I cut out the labels and  I simply glued them in place with a glue stick and added a bow to the jar. And there you have it! It takes a bit of time, but it's not difficult to make!

Perhaps it doesn't look like parchment, but I do like how the jar turned out!