Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Easy Peasy Recipe: "classic" goats' cheese omelette.

I'm very much into eating goats' cheese lately. It started out after I'd seen a certain episode of Corner Gas in which Lacey names her goats' cheese omelette 'classic goats' cheese omelette' in order to make her friends eat it. So I tried making one of my own and absolutely loved it!
I make mine as follows: 

For one person you will need:
  • 2 eggs
  • 60-70g of goats' cheese
  • A bit of turmeric powder
  • A bit of black pepper
  • Some butter or oil
  • A bit of honey
Put a bit of oil in a frying pan and whilst that's heating on the stove (on medium high heat) mix the eggs, turmeric and black pepper together. I also added a splash of oil into this mixture and it's explained below why I do this.
Then pour this mixture in the frying pan and slice the cheese. Only put the cheese onto the omelette when it has become solid at the bottom. In that way the cheese won't stick to your frying pan. Wait until the eggs are done and the cheese has melted. 
Transfer onto a plate and add a bit of honey and some more black pepper if you like. I prefer to spread the cheese around so I get some of it in each bite! 
The reason I use black pepper is to help my body to benefit from the curcumin (the good molecule in turmeric). It's said that more of the curcumin you eat will actually end up in your blood and tissues if you eat it with black pepper. So far I haven't found information on how much of each should be eaten to get any health benefits though.

Turmeric should also be eaten with some kind of fat or oil since it's fat soluble and thus will be better absorbed when eaten with fat. That's why I mixed in some oiI with the eggs. I had the impression that it made the turmeric powder spread better in the mixture rather than lump together in a few clumps, so it works fine for me!
I daren't say whether goats' cheese is very healthy as it's hight in saturated fat - the amount of cheese I used here contains about 60% of my daily recommended intake according to its nutrition information panel! - and has got a good deal of salt in there too. Nonetheless I've been enjoying this dish very much lately!