Friday, 21 March 2014

Spring lips: Colour bomb.

Since spring has sprung, I wanted to show you my favourite lipstick for spring! I like bright lipstick in general, but this one is just the perfect colour for spring in my opinion. It is a lipstick by Catrice from a limited edition they did a few years back called Revoltaire: the velvet matt lip colour in colour bomb.
The tube is silver and shiny, even so shiny that, in case of emergency, you can use the top of it as a tiny mirror. There used to be a nice print on ther, but as you can see most of it has come off over time. Colour bomb is a well-pigmented bright coral shade and it is indeed matte! It applies very smoothly onto my lips and will stay there quite well as long as I don't touch it, but it won't survive a meal. 
I love both the colour and the finish of this lipstick! It's the only matte lipstick I own, and I'm tempted to try one from Rimmel, but then again I don't really need another lipstick do I...

What's your favourite spring lipstick?