Monday, 3 March 2014

Nivea Sensitive Day Cream.

About two weeks ago I was in search - online that is - of a decent day cream that would protect my skin from UV-rays. I came across the Nivea sensitive day cream with spf 15. Now I know that spf 15 isn't all that much, but I figured it would be better than not wearing sunscreen at all.

I decided to give this cream a go so a few days later I picked it up.

The tube comes in a cardboard box. It's mainly white and looks nice and clean.

I was saw they had an introduction deal with 20% off and free chocolates! The cream is for sensitive skin and says it hydrates intensely and reduces redness, tightness and dryness. It's got spf 15 and contains no perfume, colourants and parabens. Sounds good, right?

There's a lot of text on the box:
On the left it says how to use it: apply on cleansed face and neck daily using small upward circular motions. Avoid area around the eyes.
In the middle it says what the product does in more words and that there's grape seed oil and liquorice extract in the formula.
On the right hand side, the Nivea philosophy is stated: NIVEA uses ingredients that are inspired by nature to develop effective products which emphasize the natural beauty of your skin- for a healthy, glowing skin.
I have never heard that philosophy of theirs before and I think it's just a gimmick.
These are the ingredients. It doesn't say so on the packaging, but the day cream also provides protection against UVA-rays. 

The tube itself is mainly white too and has much - but not all - of the same info on there. I has a matte finish, which makes it look more chic!

It has the type of cap that opens easily. (what do you call these?)

Here it is on my skin. My hand does look more hydrated after spreading this. The day cream doesn't have any perfume, so it has that scentless-product-scent - does that make any sense?

I like the feel of this on my skin. It's a bit heavy for my skin (as I said, I don't need to moisturise) so it leaves my face rather shiny. It says not to apply this around the eyes, but I do this every time and haven't had any trouble with it.

I like this cream but I don't know if I'll repurchase it yet. The reason being one of the ingredients that protects against the sun: Octocrylene. This is a chemical UV-filter that is absorbed in the skin and -according to one study- produces excess reactive oxygen species that can interfere with cellular signalling, cause mutations, lead to cell death and may be implicated in cardiovascular disease. Or so it says on the website of the environmental working group. to me it seems counter-productive to use a sunscreen in order to protect my skin when that sunscreen may cause damage to my skin! I'll try and find a cream that uses physical sunscreen in the future.