Saturday, 25 January 2014

Easy Peasy Recipe: spinach lasagne.

I am most definitely no chef but I have learnt to cook for myself in the past three years or so. This is a recipe of a dish I had at a friend's house 2 years ago. I found the recipe again, but it didn't work out quite well. After a few more goes at the dish, I've managed to adjust it ever so slightly to fit my and my families taste.

It's really easy; simply mix these things together:
750 gr of thawed frozen spinach (you'll need double the amount if you use fresh spinach),
250 gr of ricotta cheese, 
one big or two small pressed garlic cloves, 
4 table spoons of cream (whole milk works too if you don't have any cream), 
pepper, (sea)salt, basil and nutmeg to taste,
and also add in 50 gr of parmesan cheese.

Then build layers of lasagne sheets and this mixture in a greased casserole. Be sure to start with a layer of lasagne sheets and to finish with a layer of the spinach mixture. Add an even, thin layer of parmesan. leave this as it is for half an hour so some of the moisture can get into the lasagne sheets.
Preheat the oven at 180°C and bake for 30 minutes and then it's all done! We ate it just like this, but I bet this would be really nice with some salmon!